Company Overview


Mariani Nut Company was founded in 1972 by cousins Jack and Dennis Mariani who came from the Santa Clara Valley. Looking for new farming opportunities outside the burgeoning Santa Clara Valley, they found a very similar micro-climate just 60 miles northeast of San Francisco in the town of Winters. The company initially began as a very small processor that mainly handled the walnuts from its own orchards.

Later, in the 1970’s, Jack’s brother Martin joined the company. The company then ventured into the almond industry and further expanded the operation.

Over the course of three decades, Mariani Nut has grown steadily, due in large part to the quality-conscious growers whose product we process. In addition, a highly dedicated and skilled employee base has allowed us to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and quality controls. This has ultimately allowed us to consistently meet our customer’s specifications and expectations for more than 35 years.


Today, Mariani Nut Company has grown to be one of the largest, privately-held, walnut and almond processors in the world. To the same extent, the farming operation has also grown to several thousand acres.

Mariani Nut Company still supplies walnuts and almonds from our own orchards today, just as we did back in 1972, but we also have a very large number of growers positioned statewide who supply nuts to us as well.

Over the years, Mariani Nut Company has developed strong partnerships with customers who demand the highest quality obtainable and insist on continuous improvement. These partnerships with companies in a variety of sectors including confectionary manufacturing, cereal and ice cream have pressed us to implement an aggressive investment strategy when it comes to manufacturing capital. This strategy has allowed us to obtain a position of leadership regarding quality in the industry.

Mariani walnuts and almonds reach virtually all regions of the world. Our products find a home not only here in the U.S., but a significant tonnage is also shipped to Europe, Asia and Australia.